Our Song


Our song comes from a deep love and appreciation of the relationship and fellowship we have with God and the offering that was made for our inclusion in His life.

Song and music play a very large part in our life as a Christian community. The word of God spoken to us is fresh and relevant and the message finds its way into a range of new compositions from week to week. Original hymns and choruses are constantly being written, and these songs form a large part of our worship repertoire, alongside well known favourites from the public domain.

Overall, our song is a very clear reflection of the blessing of God, His presence with us, our rich friendship and fellowship and our vision for the future.

The message of God’s life has brought a fellowship of faith, and the joy of this fellowship overflows in constant song. Our life of song has yielded a full repertoire of worship music, which is available as a ‘use and copy freely’ resource to others through the Christian Resources¬†website.