Restoring My Soul-1

The Doctrine of Christ

We are ‘in the name’ that They have given us – the name, Lord Jesus Christ. We have been gathered into the fellowship of the covenant. We could think of nothing greater, and we must not think of anything less. This is what the lampstand teaches us. We can grow up from Him, with the same life but with identity of our own. This is the meaning of being in the name. We are sons because we have received a name that is given by all three Persons. We are now called ‘sons of the living God’. This is the joy of the gospel. As Jesus said, now our joy can be full, because we can ask the Father ourselves, as true sons. We can ask in the Son’s name, because we are sons within the fellowship of the Father and His Son.This is the doctrine of Christ. He is the Rod, in the flesh. He is the shoot, the Branch, from which we can all branch out. If He had not gained experience and…

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