Bible study

At our Bible Study we aim to build solid foundations in the present truth word of God. There is opportunity for everyone, regardless of age, to participate. The purpose of our Bible Study is to support and extend each person’s comprehension of God’s word so that it can ‘dwell in them richly’, Colossians 3:16. The Bible School involves monthly teaching sessions, and students are encouraged to share with others about the content of these sessions. Some useful links for our Bible Studies are Sons with Assurance,  Assurance of Eternal Life, Lampstand ChurchesThe Way of Salvation and The Steps of Salvation 1,2 &3.

Copies of these books are available  from the SCCF bookshop or via the RFI Publishing website, While you’re there, don’t forget you can also freely download the PDF file for these books, or download the free audiobook to listen to!